About Sonkanch

The Proprietor and Creative Head Of  SONKANCH, Mrs. Vinita Malviya Reconceptualized and Rebranded Thewa Jewellery Store, Jaipur As :-

SONKANCH : A modern take on traditional 23 K Gold Thewa Jewellery. A Wife, A Mother of Twins, Mrs. Vinita Malviya, Besides Being from a background of Education before marriage, Explored this field after her wedding With Managing Director at SONKANCH, Mr. Amber Malviya, Who already had Handicraft Exports Business since 2001. She is a truly a multi-faceted talent. With the launch of SONKANCH, She brings his distinctive touch to the world of both fields : New Designs and New way of presenting Thewa Jewellery in its Retail sector. SONKANCH is the Pret collection of Thewa jewellery launched by renowned Malvia Exports Company, The Partner of which: Mr. Amber Malviya was running this company already since 2001. They have built their reputation around high quality, exquisite design and complete transparency.

What is Thewa Art:- THEWA is a word literally means “SETTING”. Thewa  is an art of fusing 23ct gold with multicolored glass. It is a very detailed and intricate process. A 23ct gold piece is first beaten into a very thin sheet. Intricate designs are inscribed onto these gold sheets using very fine chisel. This art evolved in Pratapgarh district, Rajasthan India.,Originated in Mughal Era around 400 years back. This Thewa Art was on verge of becoming a dying art, and very few artisans were are left from Rajsoni family who are making this. SONKANCH is coming forward to give Thewa Art, a National and International Platform to make recognition. Also trying to give it a new form and glamorized look by fusing it with many other Jewellery art forms also ,Like Meenakari, Chittai , Jadaoo etc.. Doing so, This Brand is helping these left over handful of Artisansin keeping the traditional art alive along with earning their good livelihoods for their family and also get the recognition of their work. Keeping In mind the mission of “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” given by our PM Modiji. An exclusive dedicated, Flagship store “SONKANCH” itself meaning in Hindi “sona and kaanch” ,i.e. gold and glass. This Brand Completely Dedicated to Promote Traditional Thewa Art : relatively very less known Art form of making jewellery.

Mrs. Vinita Malviya

Mr. Amber Malviya


Sapna Manohar

You have great collection always had a great experience shopping with you jwellery shop is one of reall showroom for thewa and in quarantine u r playing with us a wonderful game and this comepition is genuine thnku for this wonderful competion

Girjesh Shekhawat

Excellent modern and antique thewa jewellery collection at very reasonable prices. Vineeta mam and her husband are extremely friendly and helpful, who can assist with any type of jewellery you have in mind. Also very helpful with suggestions and they are able to arrange adjustments as necessary to each individuals’ choice. The quality and the perfection of son kanch jewelry was amazing. Thank you so much for an enjoyable experience and we would highly recommend this.