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What is Thewa Art ? | Thewa Jewellery

What is Thewa Art ?:-
“Thewa Jewellery” is the most intricate jewellery making art that originates from the royal land of Rajasthan. It  was originated about 400 years ago.  The origin is said to be from Partabgarh (or Pratapgarh), a small province in Rajasthan. THEWA is a word from the local Rajasthani language which literally means “SETTING”. This is the only form of jewellery using 23 K pure gold sheets.

How is it Made ?:-
Thewa art uses molten colored glass as the base, which is embossed with an intricately worked-out sheet of gold. A 23ct gold piece is first beaten into a very thin sheet. Intricate designs are inscribed onto these gold sheets using very fine chisel. This gold sheet, called as “Thewa Ki Patti” is fixed to a lac-resin compound spread on a board by slightly warming the lac and then
pressing the gold sheet onto it. An open work pattern is pierced thru these gold sheets placed on the lac-resin covered board by knocking off the portions which ultimately creates the intricate design. The gold sheet is gently peeled off by heating it. The gold patterned sheet is now thoroughly washed and all extra substances are removed with a mild acid. A piece of glass of the same size as the gold pattern is encased in a frame of silver/metal alloy. While it is still hot, the rim of silver film of gold is delicately slipped over the edge and pressed on to the surface of the glass. The piece is then heated until the gold and the glass are firmly fused together. A thin silver foil is fixed on the other side of the glass to provide the final finish.  

Themes used in Thewa Art :-
The basic nature and style of jewellery depicts the art and heritage of the state of Rajasthan in India along with the grandeur of those times. Even today most of the good thewa jewellery is very traditional and shows the opulence of the yester years.  The design themes used in Thewa art range from floral patterns, Historical mughal courtly scenes, scenes from battles, portraits of queens and hindu mythology, most popular being krishna leela scenes.

How Thewa Jewellery is priced ? :-
Unlike other form of Jewellery the actual value or price of a Thewa Jewellery lies in the skill and the time that goes into hand crafting each incredible piece of jewellery rather than the intrinsic value of gold and back silver and beading stones used. As it takes around 1 month to make 1 standard size of necklace set, The cost depends on more of labour , breakage and wastage. And counted on basis of size, complication of design and time consumed. The Ratio is around 60 : 40 that means ; 60% of cost
involves the amount of gold silver and stones used. Rest 40% involves the labour, breakage and wastage of gold , silver used

Promoter Of  Thewa Art :-
This Thewa Art was on a verge of becoming a dying art, and very few artisans were are left from Rajsoni family who are making Thewa Art
So, A Store with name THEWA JEWELLERY, in Vaishali Nagar Jaipur which was already working hard from last 18 years to promote this Art , Are Now launching a brand name SONKANCH, coming forward to give Thewa Art a National and International Platform to give recognition at higher Level. Also trying to give it a new Refreshed look, by Assembling it with many other Jewellery art forms also, Like Meenakari, Chittai , Jadaoo. Art forms.
Doing so, This Brand isdoing commendable job to help these Artisans in keeping the traditional Art alive along with earning their livelihoods in a handsome amount of money, along with their self recognition.
 Keeping In mind the mission of “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” given by our PM Modiji. An exclusive dedicated ,Flagship store with Brand Name = “SONKANCH” itself in Hindi meaning, “sona” and “kaanch” that is gold and glass. Completely Dedicated to Promote this traditional, yet less known art form of making jewellery.