Our Philosophy

SONKANCH.COM,  is focused on providing the Indian woman with affordable, wearable 23 K Gold Thewa Jewellery. To this end, SONKANCH Creative Team, controls the entire process right from design and manufacturing, all the way to the final sales. This Art of making Jewellery, (Thewa Art) is a highly fragmented, undiscovered and disorganized market place, and SONKANCH is striving to bring order and transparency to the end consumers. Thus giving rise, to a whole new way of doing business – protecting the end consumer, while enabling the handful of artisans, left behind who know Thewa Art.

So, whether it is ensuring that every piece is 23 karat gold and 925 silver , or whether you are correctly charged on the basis of the Purity and Quality of the gold, silver and precious stones used  in your Thewa Jewellery, at every step SONKANCH ensures that it safeguards the interest of the consumer, especially those who are new and ignorant about Thewa Jewellery. 

SONKANCH, is also working to educate the end consumer to ask the right questions and understand their piece of jewellery before making the purchase, thus attempting to expand the market as a whole SONKANCH.COM, wants its consumers to make an informed choice and are upfront with all information pertaining to Thewa jewellery.